The Blue Ridge Porsche Boxster Summit
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Boxster Summit 2018
May 30 - June 3, 2018
Little Switzerland, NC
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  2018 Caravan Planner

1. To join or start a caravan, you must first sign up on the 2018 Roster if you haven't already
2. First find out if you are close enough to other participants or will pass through areas where others are leaving from.  If not, you're probably 'flying' solo :(
3. Then review any existing caravans to make sure you can't join one of them.  If you can, simply select yourself from the dropdown list, leave any comments as to when/where you can join the group, and click the Join button.
4. If you can't find a group to join and would like to start a new caravan group and take the role of 'Organizer', then select yourself as the Organizer, enter details as to where/when you would like to get the group together, give your Caravan a Name, and click the Create button. 
5. To post comments on existing Caravans, use the comment field and submit button.
6. Once reviewed for spam, your Caravan submissions will be posted.. Usually within 12hrs.
7. Be nice !  no posting as other people, we'll know who you are ;)
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